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udah brpa kali ia ngorder brg dr sini :D hhahaha, mski sya ska cerewet nanya-nanya tpi ttp ditanggapi, pkoknya nggak rugi deh kalo beli dr sni ... bwt yang bru beli jngan sungkan-sungkan bwt beli lagi hehehe

• Regina L.A.

Sorry sis baru sempat isi testi. Barangnya cepet sampe, & softlensnya enak :)

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Chikomori Half Wig

The Secret is out! Fit comfortably around your head while doubled combs offer reliable security. Half wigs are gaining increasing popularity for those who are tired of spending so much time trying to make their own hair beautiful and are not ready to step into a full wig. Half wigs give you the winning combination of the ease and beauty that full wigs do and the natural look of you own hair.

Just part your hair from ear to ear at about 1”-2” away from your hairline. Insert the front comb along the parted line and slide in the back comb along the nape hairline, tucking in your hair underneath. Cover the front parted line by combing and blending your hair over it. Your style is complete!.
Keep everyone guessing by wearing a half wig.

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